Save Manross! Save Your Librarians!


Greetings, all –

You may have seen the article, “TAX FREEZE BUDGET PLAN: 44 layoffs, close Manross, no Mum funds,” on the Bristol Press site. The list of proposed cuts (thanks to for posting the document) include heavy cuts to Bristol’s library system:

  • Main Library: Eliminate 3 FTE
  • Main Library: Reduce Books by 50%
  • Main Library: Eliminate all Capital
  • Children’s Library: Reduce Books by 50%
  • Manross Library: Close entire branch (risk possibly losing trust); leave small amount for utilities

Please email City Council members and express your disapproval of these proposed cuts:

  • Mayor Arthur J. Ward:


  • Kevin Fuller:
  • Eric Carlson:


  • Henri Martin:
    Ken Cockayne:


  • Dave Mills:
    Derek Czenczelewski:

Please also attend the Mayor’s Budget Workshop this Wednesday 5/16 at 7 in the City Council Chambers at City Hall and support library services in Bristol! Speak out to prevent the closure of Manross, the layoff of librarians, and the reduction of materials and programs we provide to the people of Bristol.


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